In my work with computers, I have a constant feeling that I need more time to master all the interesting topics that come up every day. From new programming languages, ways to work better, that new tool, etc. It keeps my anxiety levels way too high most days. The fear of missing out, become unemployable, or let important skills rust. That’s all too real.

I usually want more free time to learn these things. But I’m terrible at managing time so, when the free time does come up, I don’t think I make good use of it. I’ll usually catch up on sleep, play online games or waste time laughing at memes.

The reality is that we don’t have infinite energy and I think that’s what usually happens. Even though I want to do a lot of things, I have to keep reminding myself that downtime is necessary or I’ll start hating my job and everything related to computers.

So I’ve been trying too slow down and let things happen in their own time. Yeah, I have a free week during Christmas and New Year where I could spend at least 40-60 hours learning that new programming language but it’ll make me mentally exhausted. So I’ll enjoy the downtime, play with my cats, catch up on the Mandalorian and Mr. Robot and simply enjoy the time. I know I’ll feel a bit guilty about that but that’s just my upbringing, unfortunately. All I can do is identify these thoughts and let them die (or become not as strong).

So slow down, enjoy downtime and come back renewed. That’s my plan for this week.

Dark Saturday

The name of this blog comes from Metric‘s Dark Saturday song from the Art of Doubt album.

It’s one of my favorite bands in the whole world. Their songs resonate with me so much that I thought naming this blog after one of them was going to be cool.

I don’t remember how I got to know Metric. I go through some phases where I listen to a lot of different things looking for new bands. And sometimes I keep songs on a infinite loop. It must have been one of the former phases.

They are from Toronto, Canada and I work with Canadians folks all day long. They are the coolest people on Earth and Metric just makes that feeling stronger.

Starting things

I’m told having a personal blog for writing about life things is a good form of therapy. So instead of cluttering my main website (which is technical in nature) with non-technical things, I’m starting this one.

So you can expect everything here. From daily musings to deep thought essays, whatever comes to my mind.